23 year-old culinary school dropout Cold Cuts doesn't expect his life to go anywhere. He feels like he's stuck in purgatory... That is, until he unintentionally steals the powers and body of the Demon Lord Mothrum during a failed possession, turning him into the superhero Mothboy! Now he needs to figure out how to manage his powers and keep control over his own body while protecting his home. And maybe along the way he can figure out how to tell Angelita his true feelings...

ANGELITA (ang-hel-EE-ta)

23 year-old beauty vlogger Angelita doesn't expect much of Cold Cuts either, but she helps him out because of their long-standing friendship. Armed with a crossbow she stole from a carnival attraction, she helps Cold Cuts fight demons as they attack their hometown. Though she's just a regular human, her aim, speed, and surprising resilience make her a force to be reckoned with. She's Cold Cuts' best friend, and nothing more... isn't she?

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